Packaging manufacturer Coveris has welcomed Julie Cooper MP to its site in Burnley. The visit, aimed at raising awareness of Coveris’ sustainability strategy Pack Positive®, the role of packaging in the food supply chain and environmental initiatives underway in Burnley, took place following the British Plastics Federation’s parliamentary reception ‘The Future of Plastics in a Sustainable Society’ which was attended by Julie Cooper MP.


Coveris Burnley, located in Netherwood Road, is a print and packaging manufacturer specialising in products for bakery, confectionery and chilled food applications. Julie Cooper MP was welcomed on 28th September for a visit that included a site tour and discussions on a range of topics, allowing Coveris to showcase products, manufacturing and operational processes, environmental initiatives and opportunities the site offers to local and global communities.


Led by Martin Davis, Coveris’ Chief Operating Officer for Films, and his award-winning team, the visit provided Julie Cooper MP with an understanding of how packaging is manufactured, the processes involved to deliver safe and hygienic packaging and the vital role it plays in protecting food for consumers. The environment was high on the agenda and Coveris demonstrated how it minimises impact through its sustainability strategy Pack Positive® and lean manufacturing approach. The importance of collaboration in developing the UK infrastructure to improve recycling was also highlighted.


Martin Davis remarked, “We were delighted to host our local MP Julie Cooper at Coveris Burnley, where we took the opportunity to introduce her to the Burnley team and showcase our award-winning facility. Of particular relevance was the discussion on plastic packaging recyclability and how Coveris’ Pack Positive® agenda is making a real difference in this area.”


Julie Cooper MP commented, “I was pleased to accept an invitation to visit Coveris at their Netherwood Road factory. Coveris manufactures the high quality laminated food packaging that we see in our local supermarkets. The company has just won a Gold Award for high quality film printing and having seen how much work goes into the production of these brightly coloured wrappers, I will never view them in the same way again. I was very impressed by the company’s commitment to reduce their impact on the environment. They are constantly refining their product using less plastic, they recycle their own production waste and made it very clear that they want to work with Government to standardise recycling processes for consumers. As a Labour MP I am committed to safeguarding our environment and I look forward to delivering on this in Government.”


Coveris revealed its sustainability strategy Pack Positive® in July outlining plans to improve recyclability and packaging and food waste reduction as part of a three-point plan to reduce, recycle and sustain. Coveris is also a member of the UK Plastics Pact which brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain to generate change. Learn more about Coveris’ sustainability commitments here.