Leading packaging manufacturer Coveris has celebrated Earth Day 2018 by engaging colleagues in environmental awareness initiatives and developing new partnerships within local communities. The initiatives, to help improve areas nearby to its operating sites, have involved litter picks, a beach clean, tree planting and recycling competitions. Over two tonnes of waste have now been collected by Coveris teams during Earth Day activities.


Coordinated by Earth Day Network, Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement with over one billion people taking part in activities each year. Coveris’ association with Earth Day commenced in 2017 when a team at its Winsford site completed litter picks in its surrounding industrial estate.


Following the success and level of employee engagement on Earth Day 2017, Coveris’ films division decided to expand its involvement to each of its five locations. The sites, in addition to a further Coveris cartonboard site, planned environmental initiatives unique to its location for greater impact. In total over 130 Coveris employees participated in Earth Day initiatives with 264 hours volunteered and over two tonnes of waste collected.


Carl Quinn, Environment & Sustainability Co-ordinator at Coveris said: “It has been an exciting week at Coveris with so many valuable activities taking place for Earth Day 2018. A big thank you to our colleagues for their enthusiasm in supporting such an important event. We now plan to partner with local authorities to assist in projects throughout the year, keeping Coveris at the forefront of change within the environment and communities in which we operate.”


Jim Barrowcliffe, Laboratory & Compliance Manager at Coveris who participated in litter picking in Winsford added: “Following last year`s event it was excellent to see even more enthusiasm first hand at Coveris Winsford. Earth Day is a great initiative and I’m looking forward to seeing more events throughout the year, supporting the environment in our local community.”


Laura Allen, Health and Safety Manger for the Coveris Paper Division commented: “This is the first year we have participated in Earth Day and look forward to expanding activities to all of our sites in 2019. This is a very rewarding initiative and one that we are proud to be part of.”


More details about Coveris’ Earth Day activities can be found here:


Coveris Burnley:

Coveris collaborated with Burnley Borough Council, environmental services provider Urbaser and local volunteer group ‘Trees for Burnley’ for Earth Day. Over 250kg of waste was collected during litter picking, six oak trees were planted on Coveris grounds and reusable water bottles featuring the Earth day logo were provided to all volunteers and employees.


Coveris Gainsborough:

Teams at Coveris Gainsborough completed litter picking throughout the day, collecting approximately 200kg of waste from around the site. Reusable bottles featuring the Earth Day logo were provided to employees to help raise environmental awareness all year round.


Coveris Hartlepool:

Coveris partnered with Hartlepool Borough Council to clean a local beach where over one tonne of waste was collected. The team used recyclable bags manufactured at Coveris from reclaimed plastic to collect litter from the beach. Working with Seymour Construction, the team at Hartlepool helped to remove a one and a half tonne crab basket from below the water line to improve beach safety.


Coveris Louth:

Coveris teamed up with Louth Town Council to clean a local area identified as in need of help and has now turned its attention to support a litter pick in a nearby housing estate. Earth Day bags featuring a colouring-in competition have been distributed with the aim of engaging children and encouraging the return of bags for recycling.


Coveris St. Neots:

The team at St Neots focussed its Earth Day initiative around cleaning up the external areas of Coveris’ site at Howard Road, collecting five bags of rubbish.


Coveris Winsford:

The team at Coveris in Winsford focussed its Earth Day efforts at the Winsford Industrial Estate where over 125kg of waste was collected. Educational leaflets were added to Earth Day bags to raise further environmental awareness.


Coveris recently announced the development of new plastic-free sandwich packaging as part of its sustainability strategy Pack Positive. The packaging is manufactured using sustainably sourced recyclable cartonboard and cellulose film that breaks down within 12 months for improved environment performance.


Coveris’ sustainability strategy Pack Positive will be revealed in a new video during May 2018.


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