Leading European packaging manufacturer Coveris has welcomed Sir Edward Leigh MP and local councillor Mrs Jessie Milne to its manufacturing site in Gainsborough. As one of the UK’s largest packaging companies, Coveris invited Sir Edward Leigh and Mrs Jessie Milne to the site to discuss its sustainability strategy Pack Positive®, the development of more recyclable plastic packaging and how Coveris is minimising the overall environmental impact of packaging and food waste.


Located at Heapham Road Industrial Estate in Gainsborough, Coveris operates in two neighbouring facilities and employees over 250 people. Coveris’ Gainsborough site specialises in the manufacturing of lightweight flexible plastic packaging for produce, meat and ambient foods for all major retailers and has a dedicated food science laboratory.


Sir Edward Leigh and Jessie Milnes visited Coveris on Friday 12th October and completed a factory tour of both manufacturing sites, raising awareness of how packaging is produced and its role in keeping food fresh and protected whilst functional for consumers. The visit also included a discussion on how Coveris is driving recyclability in the plastic packaging industry and the importance of government collaboration in developing facilities for easy, simple and more consistent recycling for all. Sir Edward and Jessie had the opportunity to speak to Coveris representatives from a range of departments including production, food science, procurement, technical development and a sustainability expert.


Sir Edward Leigh commented: “Coveris is one of Gainsborough’s largest employers with over 250 staff and using leading technology, driving sustainable change in the packaging industry. Via their Pack Positive® strategy, they aim for 100% plastic packaging to be recyclable by 2025. I’m delighted to have been able to learn more and raise awareness about the great work Coveris is doing in Gainsborough.”


Coveris revealed its sustainability strategy Pack Positive® in July outlining plans to improve recyclability and minimise packaging and food waste as part of a three-point plan to reduce, recycle and sustain. Coveris is also a member of the UK Plastics Pact which brings together businesses from across the entire plastics chain to generate change.


Coveris recently launched a world-first Pack Positive® recyclable plastic film which offers the same functional, presentation and shelf life benefits as the previous unrecyclable plastic packaging. In partnership with Co-op and chilled food supplier Freshtime, Coveris launched the film on Co-op’s prepared vegetable range available in stores nationwide. The packaging can be recycled with carrier bags and features the OPRL ‘Recycle with bags at larger stores’ label. The film was developed at Coveris’ site in Winsford and then printed and converted for retail use at its Gainsborough facilities. Find out more here.