Leading packaging manufacturer Coveris has collaborated with globally renowned body The Manufacturing Institute™ to host a specialist Shingo workshop in support of the manufacturer’s long term plans to achieve world class status. The Shingo Prize is the world’s highest standard for operational excellence based on a complete assessment of an organisation’s culture and how well it drives world-class results.


Coveris hosted The Manufacturing Institute’s February Shingo Discover Excellence workshop at its label site in Spalding, Lincolnshire. The two-day workshop, which took place on 20th and 21st February 2018, introduces the Shingo Model with the aim of providing a framework for companies to fulfil potential and achieve operational excellence. Discover Excellence workshops are typically held at manufacturing sites on their journey to world class performance, with delegates from a range of manufacturing industries and departments.


Coveris’ site in Spalding manufactures linerless labels which are largely used for fresh meat and chilled food packaging. The site commenced its operational excellence and lean manufacturing journey in 2015 using the Coveris Performance System (CPS), a unique approach to improve performance and focus through culture change and engagement, encompassing Shingo principles.


David Smith, Coveris’ Supply Chain Excellence Director, said: “We are privileged to have had the opportunity to host a Shingo Discover Excellence workshop, share our experiences of striving for operational excellence through the Coveris Performance System and gain feedback from the workshop delegates on how we can improve further. CPS is very customer focussed; we are more efficient, effective, engaged and quality and service orientated as a business. Coveris’ CPS journey has been extremely rewarding and continues as we target world class recognition in the next three years. We are aiming to be the first UK print and packaging company to be awarded the Shingo Prize.”


Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard from Innovative Enterprise attended the two-day workshop: “Coveris is the perfect environment to explore operational excellence, the Shingo Model and good practice. The workshop has been most enjoyable and valuable for my own training; it was great meeting such passionate people and being able to engage with such an enthusiastic and open workforce”.


Dave Watson, Chief Operating Officer at James Cropper, added: “During the Discover Excellence workshop we were able to experience practical examples of how Shingo principles have been applied at Coveris. Coveris is an open, genuine and receptive organisation on the continuous improvement journey and the opportunities for interaction with staff enhanced our learning during the workshop.”


You can now take a look at the impact of the Coveris Performance System for yourself with a tour of Coveris’ labels sites here:


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