Apprenticeships can support development at many stages in a career, in a wide range of roles and functions. Supporting Coveris’ continuous development principle, our Trailblazer Customer Service apprenticeship is designed to encourage the progression of current members of staff.


Trailblazers are nationally recognised, structured programmes which last for a minimum of 12 months. Coveris’ Customer Service Trailblazer apprenticeship provides a development opportunity for our internal sales teams, with delegates learning:

  • Customer service principles and practices,
  • Business principles and practices
  • Customer service skills
  • Communications
  • Presentation
  • Customer service tools and resources


Our latest Trailblazer apprenticeship is underway, and four employees from our Labels and Board division; Harry Bowyer (Boston), Jessica Francis (Spalding), Laura Goodale (Spalding) and Margarita Plinta (St Neots) are working towards their level 2 qualification.


We caught up with Margarita Plinta, Sales Administrator at Coveris in St Neots who is five months into the Trailblazer apprenticeship.


Why did you choose to sign up for the Trailblazer programme?

I was introduced to the idea of attending the course in the first week of my employment at Coveris. I was more than happy to take part in it because I knew it would speed up my training and learning of the job process, plus it was a win-win situation for me and the company. It is nice to know that Coveris is investing in training its employees. Thanks to this course I will be able to contribute more to my team and the company in general, plus I will gain another qualification for my CV.


What has the course involved so far?

The course has included various things like how important keeping our product and service knowledge up to date is in order to provide excellent customer service, how responding and resolving any customer complaints should be done, how crucial it is for all colleagues to look out for each other and follow Coveris’s core values at every step. It is focused on making us, as employees, understand how important our contribution, our day to day routines are in Coveris’s journey to accomplish its mission and vision. Every little thing we do has a huge impact on our final product and services delivered to the customer. The better we take care of our customers and each other, the brighter the future for Coveris.


What have you found most beneficial?

What I found most beneficial is the fact that thanks to the course and the activities that we complete on and off the job, we get to improve and develop our customer service skills from within the company. It all starts from the inside, the communication between sites and departments, the cooperation within a team; all that goes outside to our external customers. The better we get along and work on the inside, the better service we provide on the outside.


What have you enjoyed about the Trailblazer programme?

I do believe that every little thing we learn in our lives will not go to waste. There are so many things in this world that we will never get the chance to get to know to. That is why it is important to take the opportunity when new things arise. I have been working in customer service related positions since when I can remember. The things I have learnt so far at this course blew my mind. And I will get a qualification out of it. How amazing is that?


Many of our internal delegates are supported by mentors within the business, and Joanna Mucha, Customer Service Executive at Coveris who has been mentoring Margarita, explains why she’s enjoying her role:


“I enjoy helping others to achieve goals and develop with their role. It also challenges me to think differently and gain more knowledge from others within the business. Development opportunities such as the Trailblazer programme are valuable to everyone involved as it brings departments and people together and give us the ability to ask questions to others which we wouldn’t necessarily do normally, such as ask for feedback.


"Margarita and I are using the knowledge gained to improve and make suggestions to help the internal sales team at St. Neots grow and move forward. Trailblazer has given us chances to think outside the box and work more closely as individuals and as a group, not only benefitting our customer service skills, but our personal skills, knowledge and capabilities.”