Adam Robinson joined Coveris in November as Insights & Creative Manager for our new Pack Positive® Centre. Located at our Rivendell site in Leeds, the Pack Positive® Centre is a development space to support supply chain collaboration and drive sustainable change in the packaging industry. Find out what Adam has been up to in his first few months, what it’s like working for Coveris and what’s next for the Pack Positive® Centre.


What made you choose Coveris as an employer?

I have dealt with Coveris for many years as a buyer across multiple food categories. I even used Coveris during my time working in Australia where I moved to head up the structural design team at Coles, before moving to Australia’s largest packaging manufacturer Visy to run insights and NPD. I have always perceived Coveris as an innovative and forward thinking company consisting of a close-knit team with a can do attitude. This really appealed to me as I wanted to work for a company who were as passionate about innovation as I am.


What are your early impressions of Coveris as one of the newer members of the team?

What you see of Coveris from the outside is what is happening inside the business just more of it! The business is hungry and dissatisfied with sitting back on what they have and know. It really is great to be involved in a team as energetic as Coveris.


You have previously been a customer of Coveris; what’s it like now the role is reversed?

The care and attention that I received being a customer has translated through to being an employee. That is a testament to the people here and the culture that Coveris has created.


What has excited you most about joining Coveris and your new role?

My role in particular is really exciting. The business has committed to investing in the Pack Positive Centre® and it is thrilling, and somewhat scary, to be responsible for making it a success!


You’re responsible for Coveris’ new Pack Positive® Centre which opened in January. That must have been a busy start to your new role?

It sure has been. The last few months have been about getting the small details correct to ensure we are getting our message across as well as having a fully functioning innovation centre. The support from the business has been great and the team at the Pack Positive® Centre (PPC) and Rivendell have done an excellent job in getting the place ready in time


A month after the opening, what’s next for the Pack Positive® Centre?

We are now welcoming a wide range of customers into the centre, while internal teams have been using the centre for departmental meetings. We will be undertaking our first research project with The Retail Institute next month, while we have some great educational events for our customers at the centre over the next few months.


How important is the Pack Positive® Centre in delivering sustainable packaging innovation?

The PPC is the home to our NPD and creative teams who are fully trained in sustainable packaging design. They are also well connected with our leading sustainability experts around the business. We have many unique sustainable offerings across the group and the PPC is a great place to really showcase them.


What can people expect to experience at the Centre?

The centre has full conference facilities suitable for innovation days, workshops, seminars and meetings. It’s home to our prototyping studio where we have a team of structural and graphic designers who can help make packaging ideas come to life. We are able to produce fully printed mock ups on any substrate. And soon we will be able to showcase them in our new mock store environment!


What are the biggest challenges you have experienced so far?

Getting to know everyone! There is a lot of depth to the Coveris business, especially now we are more closely aligned with our European Coveris business.


What do you enjoy about working in the packaging industry?

What we work on regularly comes to life in a physical environment. Too often in creative design, what you actually create will not get past concept stage or only launch in a digital environment. There is a certain buzz when you see something on shelf that you have worked on.


Take a look inside the Pack Positive® Centre and watch the team work on a live brief here: