After gaining experience in the Health and Safety team during his print apprenticeship, Cameron Marshall took the opportunity to move departments and has progressed to become a NEBOSH qualified Health and Safety Coordinator working across 12 sites in Coveris’ Labels, Board and Graphics division.


What made you choose to apply for an apprenticeship at Coveris?

It gave me the opportunity to go straight from school after completing my A-Levels into a working environment, learning all the tasks within a job in a detailed way. It also provides a hands-on role where you’re actually doing the job and gaining experience, instead of studying how to do it. I had some experience of working at Coveris in the Environmental Services team and knew that printing is core to the business; it’s a very skilled industry to be in and know that Coveris are always looking to develop employees.


How did the apprenticeship give you an insight in to the role of the Health and Safety team at Coveris?

During my apprenticeship I covered Health and Safety, which I enjoyed, and decided to take the opportunity to apply for an administrative role and moved from my apprenticeship to become a full time member of staff in the H&S team. Since then I became Healthy and Safety Assistant and now a NEBOSH qualified Health and Safety Coordinator.


What training have you completed as part of your Health and Safety roles?

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) which is an examination board delivering vocational qualifications in health, safety and environmental practice and management which have developed me massively within my new role in H&S. It required studying, a two-week block course and two exams at the end of it all.


I’ve also completed First Aid training and my skills in this area have developed and have given me the confidence to give treatment in and out of workplace.


I am now looking to develop myself in specific areas such as ladder safety, chemical safety and others.


What's it like working in the Health and Safety team?

We work well as a team and but there’s also a lot of independent working, visiting various Coveris sites across the UK on a weekly basis. This enables me to work with different machinery, employees and teams which has enhanced my skills in dealing with different situations.


What do your responsibilities include?

It’s a really varied role, and includes many different tasks including implementing safety processes and procedures, supporting ‘Safety Pillars’ which are ran onsite by teams who help with day-to-day H&S, reviewing risk assessments, overseeing building work and external contractors, investigating accident reports, running safety events and checking the correct use of PPE (personal protective equipment).


We have also started to place more emphasis on health and wellbeing alongside our HR department. We have created at each site a ‘Health and Wellbeing Pillar’ and worked together to plan four awareness campaigns for the year which include Nutrition and Hydration Week and Earth Day activities coming up the next couple of months, in addition to other activities


What do you enjoy about working at Coveris?

I enjoy the amount of support you gain from existing employees which shows great teamwork within the business. It’s a friendly environment to work in and very welcoming and Coveris is always looking forward, driving improvements within the workplace.


Is working in the packaging and print industry what you expected?

Not really, there’s so much more to the business than I originally thought. There are many departments who combine to develop a healthy environment to work in.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the Coveris team?

I would recommend anyone joining the Coveris team as there any many different opportunities within the business and they support people with development and progression. There’s a friendly and welcoming work environment.