As part of her role, Leah Bretten, HR Assistant, coordinates training and development opportunities for Coveris' Labels, Board and Graphics division while also completing a Level 3 CIPD qualification. Find out why Leah finds working in HR so rewarding in the fast-paced packaging industry in our last interview of National Careers Week 2019.


What made you choose Coveris as an employer?

Coveris are locally known as a reputable employer in the local area. The feedback I heard about Coveris before joining the business was always positive.  I know many long servers within the company, so I knew there were high career prospects and development opportunities in the organisation.


How did you decide a career in HR was right for you?

HR has always been a career that interests me. I love working with people and watching employees develop through their employee life cycle.


What do you enjoy about working in HR?

Working in HR can be challenging at times however it is immensely rewarding day in day out. Supporting people has to be the main reason why I love my role in the HR department. This role gives me the opportunity to support the welfare of our employees and assist with employee development which has a great sense of achievement.


No day is the same working in HR, Coveris is an ever-changing business and I enjoy that the organisation is very fast pace resulting in a varied workload and day to day challenges.


What are your roles and responsibilities?

As part of my role I manage training and development opportunities, including the Coveris Development Programme, contribute to employee engagement activities and assist the HR advisors with all HR processes. I also work alongside the inhouse recruitment team when needed to support with onboarding staff, retention and streamlining processes.


Why is the Coveris Development Programme so valuable for the company and people involved?

The Coveris Development Programme is a bespoke Leadership and Development course by the Manufacturing Institute. This course is a valuable opportunity for our managers to enhance their leadership skills, effective communication and lean manufacturing principles knowledge to improve their overall performance as a manager. It is my responsibility to coordinate the course by liaising with the training provider to book the course and ensuring that the 6-week programme runs as smoothly as possible for the delegates taking part. The feedback received from the delegates has been outstanding and we are delighted that the delegates utilise the skills learnt immediately in their day to day work. The course helps to motivate and engage our managers and also means that all of our management team are consistent and work towards the same processes and techniques that they have learnt during the programme.


What do you enjoy about working at Coveris?

Working across 12 sites in Coveris’ Labels, Board and Graphics division this gives me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people across the business and build trustworthy relationships with both managers and employees. I am always welcomed onto every site and there is a real friendly, team working atmosphere across the business.


The business is very fast paced and Coveris are focused on driving forward continuous improvement which is a great culture to work in as it engages employees.

In addition, the HR department is extremely integrated within the business which is refreshing to see. I love working with the HR Team, we all get on extremely well both in and outside of work and are very supportive of each other.  


What are the biggest challenges you have experienced so far?

Due to the nature of this role and working within an ever-changing environment every day is a new challenge for me which I try to embrace and learn from.


How has the department changed since you’ve joined?

In October 2018 Hannah and Bobbie joined the team to create an in-house recruitment model. The working relationship between recruitment and HR is seamless and has developed our recruitment processes resulting in a far more streamlined process which has been a huge benefit to the team and the wider business in the short time that we have brought recruitment in house.


What development are you completing as part of your role?

I am currently undertaking my Level 3 CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) with Lincoln College. This course has given me opportunity to network with other HR students and I am excited to complete my qualification in June 2019 and become an associate member of the CIPD. I have especially enjoyed the employment law aspect to the course and I hope to broaden my knowledge on employment law in the future.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the Coveris team?

I would recommend Coveris to anyone thinking of joining the team. Coveris is a changing and growing business focused on investment in their employees. My advice to anyone joining the team would be to take advantage of new opportunities and development.