Recycling on the go: Marking day 3 of our Recycling Week series, find out how we’re making food-to-go packaging more sustainable on the move.

With over 95% of Brits now engaged with the food-to-go market, an industry set to grow 8.5% by 2022 to reach a value of £7.7bn, food on the move provides one of the most exciting growth areas in the FMCG sector.

Driven by innovative new trends, cuisines, formats and ways of eating, food-to-go is a fast-moving category that is heavily reliant on high-performance packaging as a means of protection, preservation and functional dining.

Given the ‘on the move’ dining and disposal of food-to-go packaging in the UK, the need to provide sustainable solutions to support a circular economy is critical. As a multi-format supplier of paper and plastic solutions, Coveris has recently developed four new sustainable formats to address sustainability on the go.


Plastic-free sandwich and wrap packs:

Providing a plastic-free alternative to current non-degradable OPP lined packs, the new range replaces the film liner component with a cellulose-derived substitute, in combination with FSC/PEFC board. Delivering a 100% sustainably sourced, renewable pack format, the plastic-free alternative matches existing performance with a life-for-like Freshlife® P+3 shelf-life in heat-sealed formats. Widely recyclable and with a compostable film liner (EN13432), packs break down significantly quicker than OPP alternatives to offer a more circular packaging solution in line with UK Plastic Pact commitments.


RecyclaPEel™ sandwich and wrap packs:

Coveris’ exclusive RecyclaPEel™ formats are designed for consumers to separate individual board and film components before disposal to enable a more recyclable solution, when correctly channelled. Using patented peel-away technology, the pack allows for easy removal of the laminated components. The separation of materials means that over 90% of pack weight is now fully recyclable within existing infrastructure, working towards 100% recyclability as PE waste streams evolve. As with the plastic-free version, RecyclaPEel™ also maintains life-for-like Freshlife® P+3 shelf-life and is manufactured from FSC/PEFC board.


Rightweight sandwich and wrap packs:

Technically engineered to deliver like-for-like protection, freshness and process efficiencies, Coveris’ Rightweight range simply offers a next generation sandwich and wrap solution that reduces overall weight by 10% through material optimisation. Widely recyclable under OPRL, the FSC/PEFC board can also be used in combination with cellulose film for lighter, more sustainable format.


Hybrid Cup:

Delivering a 70% reduction in plastic compared to like-for-like rigid formats, Coveris’ new hybrid cup packs combine FSC/PEFC board with a lightweight plastic alternative to provide a high-barrier, fully lined format. Widely recyclable with a significantly lower carbon footprint, the packs offer an innovative and sustainable solution for a variety of food-to-go products including sausage rolls, pastries and protein snacks.


For more information, please contact Mike Conway, 01480 47 61 61.