The Coveris Circular Economy: Environmental Services, Boston

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Located in Boston, Lincolnshire, Coveris’ Environmental Services facility provides a unique, award winning service that enables us to recycle business and customer waste back into useable products or other resources. Having received global recognition from FINAT, Shingo and the Cranfield School of Management, the site is responsible for processing over 9,000T of waste each year, the equivalent in weight to around 6,000 cars in the UK.


What do we recycle?

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Coveris is responsible for the manufacture of over 14 billion labels a year. To minimise our environmental footprint, we are uniquely positioned to offer a closed-loop manufacturing process, taking production, customer and residual waste out of the supply-chain and recycling over 9,000T of combined waste each year.


This waste figure includes silicone release liner used in the application of self-adhesive labels, matrix waste used in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels, redundant customer stock and manufacturing spoilage. A large proportion of this total also includes the removal of mixed materials (includes all of the above as well as repurposed materials including linerless papers, cores, packing materials etc.)  from landfill through repurposing.


Having invested in pioneering new recycling processes over the last 12 months, we have launched a world-first recycling process for self-adhesive labels. Coveris’ custom-built ReCoveris™ machines are able to delaminate composite face-paper from release-liner to enable the full recycling (repulped into high-quality paper production or backing paper reuse) of own production or redundant customer stock waste.


This is also supported by ongoing work in other areas with lead supplier UPM Raflatac; including the supply of residual label waste as waste to energy processing and the supply of redundant composite labels unable to be processed by ReCoveris™ for upcycling into composite material.


How does this contribute to a circular economy?

Having removed a total of over 9,000T of material from the general waste stream using new and innovative recycling methods, we have shown a commitment to both their customers and the wider packaging industry as a closed-loop manufacturer.

Our new ReCoveris™ program sets an example for the entire labelling and wider packaging industry indicating that by collaborating with the value-chain, Coveris has been able to make a difference in significantly improving the footprint of its activities and we aim to look for further opportunities to strengthen our recycling programme in the future.


What could we be doing to help?

Coveris operates a waste recovery programme in the UK that is responsible for collecting waste by-products and tertiary packaging for reprocessing via our own sustainable transport network. If you would like to discuss the potential recovery of this, please contact Tim Lennon, Environmental Services Manager via email or phone 01775 71 73 12.