Lincoln Garden Support found it easy to switch with Coveris Select

Coveris Select

Find out how Lincoln Garden Support found it easy to switch label supplier with our friendly and flexible service, Coveris Select

Simon Howie goes Linerless

Simon Howie switched to linerless labelling and improved packing efficiency while reducing packaging weight

Improving Recyclability for Co-op Cooked Meats

Find out how we’re developing innovative new films to improve the overall recyclability of pack weight by over 80%

Duralite™ Fixed Colour Palette

Delivering improved efficiencies and expert colour management for major brands

RecyclaPEel™ Sandwich & Wrap Packs

Find out more about our recycle-ready sandwich and wrap packs

Greencell MAP Avocado + UV Technology

Find out how we’ve used supply chain collaboration and innovation to improve avocado shelf life and reduce food waste

Tesco Grab Box

Food to Go

Driving differentiation and pack evolution in the food-to-go sector

Innocent Smoothies


Expertly managing colour and brand for Innocent

Old Hands Print Innovation


Award winning print innovation for labels