ProducePack Positive

The Challenge

Previously sold as a bundled, unwrapped product, asparagus was identified as a high-waste item due to its propensity to dehydrate quickly, with severe shrivelling of spears and a sensitivity to damage and microbial spoilage. A packaged solution with shelf-life enhancing properties was therefore sought to better protect the product, as well profitability.

The Solution

Scientifically perforated MMP film works to manage in-pack moisture levels. Differential perforation capability means moisture is removed where needed at the tips, but retained at the cut ends, to prevent dehydration.

The Benefit

  • +4 days extra shelf-life achieved

  • Tips remain dry, to discourage microbial spoilage

  • Moisture loss is reduced, where it would be detrimental, at the cut end, reducing dehydration

  • Improved food hygiene vs unpackaged product