BeveragePack Positive

The Challenge

Duralite is Coveris’ pioneering collation shrink film technically optimised to deliver efficiency during manufacture and application with fast processing speeds and robust, stable performance. As part of our Pack Positivecommitment, Coveris has already downgauged Duralite plain and printed collation shrink films by an average of 20%. We then challenged ourselves to develop the Duraliterange to be even more energy efficient and Duralite™ Fixed Colour Palette (FCP) is the result.

Coveris’ environment strategy Pack Positive is focussed on improving resource efficiency, recyclability and product lifecycle to deliver sustainable packaging solutions.

The Solution

Using an integrated colour management system, Coveris has launched Duralite™ FCP, a new fixed colour palette print offer. Our high-gloss printable film is typically available with up to 10 spot colours. Developing the fixed colour palette offer enables us to print using only four colour stations: cyan, magenta, yellow & black (CMYK), whilst producing the same quality print results.

GMG contact proofs have confirmed FCP is as accurate as spot colour printing, helping our clients to protect their brand through print and visual consistency while using a more efficient process.

Using Duralite™ FCP we have transitioned a Fosters 4 x 440ml promotional design from eight spot colours to the fixed colour palette of four, reducing the materials and energy demands in the printing process.

The Benefits

Delivering environmental benefits, further operational efficiencies and exceptional print quality, Duralite™ FCP is a valuable development in the evolution of collation shrink film to more sustainable performance.

  • Less energy, fewer raw materials and lower quantities of waste therefore impacting less on the environment.
  • Operationally efficient process requiring less press stations and plates
  • Faster make-ready times enabling quicker delivery time to market
  • Brand protection through high quality print; GMG contact proofs have confirmed FCP is as accurate as using larger spot colour palettes
  • Coveris operates a circular economy for PE production waste, with 100% recycled back into filmic products including collation shrink film, industrial films and mailing bags