ProteinPack Positive

The Challenge

With long term plans in place for all its packaging to be recycled where it can be, the Co-op have committed to having 80% of its own-brand packaging recyclable by 2020. Plastic trays were initially identified as a major target given that traditional PET trays are pre-lined tray using a PE bonding layer for heat-sealing, making the tray difficult to recycle. Given their wide ranging technical and material science expertise, Coveris began to explore different recyclability options for both film and tray with a focus on maintaining or improving existing functionality.

The Solution

Developed at Coveris Winsford facility, a new scientifically formulated multi-layer, PET barrier film enables lidding to be directly heat-sealed to a mono plastic tray alternative. Removing the need for the non-recyclable PE liner through integration in the film, now means more than more than 80% of the pack weight can now be recycled. Whilst we are working towards a 100% recyclable solution, this innovative development has delivered major recycling benefits for the retailer, supporting it’s short-term 2020 targets.

The Benefits

  • PET tray now fully recyclable
  • Improved seal integrity, visual clarity and shelf-life benefit
  • Incorporates burst-peel functionality to offer a more consumer friendly, easy-open solution
  • Received Co-op award for sustainability