Food to GoPack Positive

The Challenge

Over 3,500,000,000 sandwiches are purchased from UK retail or catering outlets each year (British Sandwich & Food-to-Go Association). Despite being labelled on-pack as ‘widely recyclable’, the mixed, laminated OPP film and board composition within most packs means that materials are only actually separated/recyclable by <5% of UK waste streams. The combination of both board and OPP therefore mean that despite consumers best efforts, the majority of these packs end up in landfill.

The Solution

Coveris’ RecyclaPeel™ formats replace traditional, non-recyclable OPP film with a high-tensile strength PE liner and tab function to enable the peel-away of film from board. Delivering the same look, feel and shelf-life properties of standard OPP lined board, the solution enables the separation of both materials, with the board component being recyclable and repulped. With UK retailers driving a PE waste stream initiative, the film replacement also aligns itself with future recycling streams. Consumer education and on-pack labelling is required to create awareness of the function and benefit of the product, yet customer learning and interaction is expected to drive loyalty and brand value.   

The Benefits

  • 90% of pack weight fully recycling within existing infrastructure
  • Working towards 100% as PE waste streams evolve
  • Biodegradable film options available to plug current gap
  • Same look, feel and shelf-life properties as standardised format
  • Improved consumer loyalty and ‘feel good’ factor