Ambient Grocery

Supporting the unique functional and decorative needs of the ambient grocery sector, Coveris offers an extensive range of packaging solutions to cater for key markets including: bakery and morning goods, sauces and condiments, confectionary, and dried foods and snacks.

Our primary film formats combine award-winning performance, visual clarity, and fresher-for-longer barrier protection to provide a technically optimised solution across the entire supply-chain. Applying state-of-the art material science, extrusion and lamination processes, our films work to deliver advanced sealing capabilities and faster line speeds during the packing process, enabling improved efficiencies and pack integrity. Perforated and in-pack Freshlife® technology works to extend shelf-life and quality retention in-store, combined with industry leading print and colour management processes to protect your brand on-shelf. Our innovative seal technologies and re-close features also work to deliver unrivalled functionality for the consumer.

Secondary label formats offer a decorative solution to maximise shelf-appeal and flexibility. Using specialty textured papers and premium embellishments such as high build 3D silkscreen finishes, foils, metallic inks and micro-embossing, our labels provide a tactile, efficient format that works to differentiate and drive value for your products.

Specialist capabilities in ambient grocery:

  • Primary formats include film on the reel (FOR) for flow-wrap, VFFS and lidding applications, as well as wicketted bag formats 

  • Lightweight, durable films extruded up to 9-layers for improved visibility and functional performance

  • Dedicated R&D centres to drive material optimisation and product innovation

  • Scientifically developed Freshlife® solutions to extend shelf-life, improve freshness and reduce moulding

  • Re-close label and film formats for improved access, storage, and re-use

  • Other easy-open and close features include laser-score tearlines and perforations, zip-locks and peel and reseal 

  • State-of-the-art pre-press and colour management systems to enable superior brand-guardianship

  • Specialist decorative capabilities for film include metallic inks, TOUCH tactile and 3D effects, gravure finishing and combination varnishes to stimulate the senses

  • Strip metal and paper lamination

  • Direct-to-oven COLAM HT films 

  • Cold seal applications for improved process efficiencies and ease of opening

  • Award-winning paper finishing capabilities supported by industry leading technical team

  • In-house graphics and creative resource