Providing a robust range of performance films for industrial sectors including building and construction, manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture, Coveris’ films are technically developed to withstand the most challenging environments, ensuring quality and safety for every application.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of blown extrusion films, we provide extensive technical and volume capabilities in film development, offering a comprehensive range of film thicknesses, widths, formats and properties; from simple mono structures through to complex 9-layer co-extruded membrane films. 

Specialist capabilities in industrials:

  • Standard mono and technically developed co-ex films for all industrial and specialist applications

  • Products include stretch and shrink films, stretch and shrink hooding, pallet covers, flat films, surface protection films, DPM and flame retardant films 

  • Flexible manufacturing process enables expedited delivery of customer needs

  • Unrivalled durability and product performance to enable cost efficiencies and improved protection

  • Leading material science capabilities to support performance down-gauging and light-weighting

  • Recycled films to support environmental commitments

  • Strategic partnerships with machine manufacturers to drive application development 

  • Fire retardant solutions for improved safety

  • Onsite lab facilities to support tensile strength testing and custom blend development

  • Self-adhesive label solutions to support mailing and distribution of goods