Providing an unrivalled range of paper, film, board and hybrid packaging solutions to the protein sector, Coveris is expertly positioned to drive value across the entire supply-chain; from maximising line efficiencies and material optimisation through to reduced consumer waste via extended shelf-life and innovative barrier technologies.

In partnership with the industry’s leading processors, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, we work to challenge functional, technical and operational processes to deliver ground-breaking solutions that improve and protect your products for longer.

Download our brochures for protein here:

Cheese brochure

Meat, Fish & Poultry brochure

Specialist capabilities in protein: 


  • High-speed, high-volume efficient packing formats to enable increased efficiencies 

  • Extended shelf-life, MAP and barrier solutions to protect and prolong product lifecycle

  • Vertically integrated extrusion, print and lamination model to drive material science and innovation

  • Onsite laboratory analysis and testing

  • Partnerships with leading industry associations and certification bodies to ensure quality assurance and improved safety

  • Functional, easy-open solutions to meet consumer trends and portion requirements

  • Easy-cook formats to improve convenience and safety

  • Integrated security solutions to aid loss prevention of higher-value lines

  • Multi-format production expertise enables differentiation, tiering and seasonal variation

  • Award-winning print to support brand provenance on-shelf

  • Dedicated category sales, NPD and technical support functions