Stretch Hooding

Stretch hood wrapping utilises film with high elasticity to stretch rather than shrink over a palletised load. High stretch force and elasticity allows for the film to be stretched over a load to snap back tightly, holding the load when released. Due to its elastic nature, one film size will wrap a number of pallet formats, rationalising film lines and reducing overall cost. Coveris utilise state-of-the-art co-extrusion technology combined with expert material and machinery knowledge to offer a range of films with consistent high performance, suitable for trouble-free use on all the major wrapping units.

Features & Benefits

  • High stretch force and elasticity allows for one film size to wrap many pallet formats to deliver major efficiency savings

  • More consistent, uniform film performance

  • Friction coefficient can be modified to suit packing unit and excellent seal performance allows for increased cycle times

  • Superior holding forces versus the market alternative, offering improved security and reduced spoilage

  • Excellent optical properties for easy product identification

  • Plain as standard, coloured options available upon request

  • Superb puncture resistance combined with high tear strength

  • Validated for use on all major unit types