Stretch & Pre-Stretch Films

Technically developed, high-performance wrapping solutions. Converting standard stretch material via a secondary process, film is pre-stretched to its maximum elasticity, converting a high yield film reducing the thickness, while improving efficiencies and environmental impact. Given our specialist extrusion and conversion capabilities, Coveris maintains control of both stretch and pre-stretch processes within the supply-chain, allowing a range of both stock and bespoke options.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 50% material savings through increased yield per roll

  • Increased holding force: film memory creates higher hold force ensuring load stability and increased security 

  • Oscillated edges provide greater protection from breakage on dropped or damaged rolls

  • Improved application: Easier, lighter and faster to unwind, control and apply

  • Reduced thickness equates to less wrapping material and reduced waste

  • The pre-stretch process removes elasticity and creates a more uniform stretch to improve consistency

  • Pre-stretch films perform well in ambient, chilled and cold store environments

  • Available in a range of standard colours

  • More film stored per pallet means reduced storage and cost