Surface Protection Films

Designed to safeguard against abrasion and scratching, Coveris’ surface protection films reduce damage and ensure product integrity throughout the supply chain. Established in gloss thermoplastics and glass, our range of protection films help to retain product value by limiting loss through damage to the surface exterior during fabrication, transportation, and installation.

Exclusively manufactured on multi-layer extrusion lines, Coveris delivers a range of high and low tack surface protection films to suit various products and material, adherence, colour, and size requirements. Using the latest technology, our films deliver assurance, protection, and efficiency. 

Thermoplastic Sheet Protection: Low Tack

  • Range of contact layers designed for use on sheet thermoplastics such as PC/PMMA/ABS/PVC (provide full titles for initialisms)

  • Applied in-line while the sheet is warm, residual heat softens the tack layer for strong adherence

  • With a contact layer on one side only, the film stays firmly in position leaving no residue


Glass Protection Films: High Tack

  • Protection of glass and coated surfaces in glass toughening and processing sectors

  • With a greater level of hold, our higher tack films are suitable for use in applications  to a cool/cold surface

  • Self-cling technology ensures high tack with more efficient one stage removal versus pads, and no surface residue

  • Stocked in standard industry sizes, or bespoke manufactured

  • Available in many colour tints to allow easy identification of stock