Duralite Collation Shrink

Combining state of the art co-extrusion technology and material science, Duralite offers an unrivalled range of collation shrink products tailored to a variety of end applications.

Providing a robust transit solution for all beverage, food, pet food, household, healthcare and industrial applications, Duralite collation shrink delivers major efficiencies through light-weight engineering and superior abuse resistance for supply-chain security. As a fully printable solution, Duralite delivers unmatched clarity and gloss to ensure premium positioning and brand provenance on the shelf.

Technically optimised across all major single and twin-fed shrink machinery, Duralitecollation shrink offers unrivalled efficiencies, packing speeds and environmental benefits through reduced thickness and energy savings. 

Features & Benefits

  • Puncture resistant with optimum tightness and stability

  • 20% average thickness reduction without loss of pack integrity or abuse resistance

  • Superior tear resistance gives excellent pack handling qualities, even at reduced thickness

  • Ultra-strength properties assist in the removal of cardboard base to provide a robust trayless format

  • Super-yield, high-gloss Vision range provides an ultra-clear solution, ideal for point of sale

  • Plain or printed up to 10 colours