Form, Fill & Seal (FFS) Films 

Performance films for high speed applications. All horizontal flow wrap (HFFS) and vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) formats are reel supplied to suit product application.

Specialising in high demand, high speed lines with short sealing times, FFS films are scientifically engineered via state-of-the-art lamination and perforation technologies to maintain the quality, freshness and integrity of products over their lifecycle. Tailored films can be supplied to suit various packaging atmospheres to meet the requirements for products such as cooked, cured and fresh meats, poultry, dairy, bakery and produce, including whole salads, vegetables and fruit.

Features & Benefits 

  • Laminated or mono HFFS or VFFS formats, ideal for high-speed bagged applications

  • Industry leading Freshlife® perforation technologies to manage moisture and respiration for extended shelf-life

  • Reduced sealing window for faster application speeds

  • Functional performance solutions to aid openability and reuse

  • Dual-ovenable solutions for improved cooking and food safety

  • 1-10 colour conventional/HD flexo + downstream gravure

  • Laser perforation and scoring technologies 

  • Punch and needle perforation

  • Decorative effects include - metallic inks, TOUCH tactile effects, combination varnishes and strip lamination 

  • Specialist coatings: anti-mist, anti-fog, coldseal