Lidding Films

From high quality mono web films through to complex laminate barrier and reseal structures, Coveris’ performance lidding films offer an unrivalled solution for all tray packed meat, dairy and produce products. Our top web lidding film will maintain the quality, freshness and integrity of the product in any environment and can be tailored to suit various packaging atmospheres.

Our vertically integrated capabilities in extrusion, print, lamination and finishing mean that Coveris can offer unrivalled functionality and integrity through material optimisation at source.

Features & Benefits

  • Surface-printed high barrier films for tray packed products

  • Award-winning open/close and re-close technology 

  • Integrated extrusion to print supply model for improved control and material optimisation

  • Dual-ovenable solutions suitable for any food types stored in frozen, chilled or ambient environments, films are ovenable to 200°c for up to 90 minutes.

  • Available with Freshlife® technology for enhanced freshness and improved shelf-life

  • 1-10 colour conventional/HD flexo + downstream gravure

  • Laser perforation and scoring, punch and needle perforation

  • Reduced sealing window for faster application speeds

  • Specialist coatings: anti-fog/mist, coldseal