Banking & Security

Our leading range of banking and security bags offers a broad range of solutions suitable for many applications, including cash and coin movement, security services, forensics and examinations.  With various levels of protection available, our patented Intervoid® technology offers the highest level tamper evident features and is suited to those applications where strength and security is of great importance. We provide tailored solutions to meet specific requirements by offering the latest advances in film, security closures, print and finishing techniques to give optimum performance and confidence to each individual situation.

Features & Benefits

  • Various solutions offered including small coinbags for loose change, notewrappers, bulk coin bags and security bags

  • A range of tamper evident security closures available including Intervoid® (high level) and Fraudeter (medium level) with options of Omega 1 (fold over flap), Omega 2 (easy fill), vertical and horizontal twin, two trip and bulk coin

  • Suitable for the banking and security market, education, crime investigation, forensics and criminal justice and the leisure, travel and tourism industry

  • High strength clear and opaque polyethylene film options available for durable applications with personalised print customisation

  • 1D and 2D barcode technology available with unique identification track and trace technology with large high-resolution print for CCTV imaging and fast scanning

  • Edge seal security printing and write on panels available with optional tear off receipts, document pouches, handles, speciality labels and integrated RFID