Home Shopping & Mailing

Coveris’ Polylope® brand has ensured a long-standing reputation in the supply of envelopes and despatch bags for the commercial mailing and distribution sectors. Utilising a range of high-strength, lightweight film options, we manufacture secure,durable and weather resistant solutions to protect various products including clothing, soft furniture and other online purchase goods, brochures, catalogues and documentation which meet the demanding requirements of international mailing and distribution systems.

Providing increased security and performance, easier returns with our two-trip closure system and reduced waste, our home shopping solutions are used by the world's leading brands.

Using 8 colour HD flexo print capabilities with speciality finishes and effects, we are able to provide write on areas and promote branding and corporate image across the entire mailing and distribution chain. By combining our market leading capabilities in innovation, design and conversion, we also offer a full 360⁰ service from reprographics through to stock management.

Features & Benefits

  • Advance security through robust, puncture, weather resistant films with anti-tear features, secure and patented tamper evident closures

  • Easier returns with our two trip ‘bag in bag’ closure system

  • Optional carry handle available suitable for the Click & Collect home shopping application

  • Unique identification through track and trace technology

  • Brand management with 8 colour HD flexo print with reverse option, speciality finishes and effects

  • Recyclable packaging which gives improved performance whilst using innovative lightweight materials