Medical & Healthcare

As suppliers to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical and food testing industries, we supply clean (sterile or non-sterile), food contact approved, puncture and leak resistant sampling and transportation bags to suit various applications. From high security Intervoid® solutions through to permanent glue line closure bags, our products are technically engineered to enhance sample security and audit trail and work to reduce time and waste whilst improving efficiency. Bags are designed as single-trip to remove risks from cross-contamination, repeated cleaning and sanitation, errors resulting from re-use and reissuing bags; breaking the chain of infection thus supporting infection control plans.

Features & Benefits

  • Various flexible polythene solutions offered including Intervoid® Sampling bags (tamper evident), Intervoid® Transit bags (tamper evident), Labiobag (fast adhesive closure), Labio Air (pneumatic transport), InterLAB (a specimen testing solution suitable for use with various systems including Sunquest® ICE and tQuest®). We also supply grip seal, clinical and medical waste sacks, disposable aprons and gloves

  • Through our tamper evident security features, patented technology, receipts and track & trace serialisation, we offer unique and individual, high-spec protection for valuable samples

  • Ensuring samples are free from contamination, we can offer Sterility Assurance to the level of 10-6

  • Single trip by design ensuring no risk of cross-contamination

  • Optional sterile absorbent pads and wallets are available if required offering a complete system

  • Food contact approved and manufactured under BRC Global Standards & EC1935/2004 and compliant to International and European standards for the transport of infection substances (ADR2017/UN3373/P650 – WHO/HSE/GCR/2012.12 – ISO 15189)