Cereal Liners

Coveris manufactures a range of co-extruded packaging films for the cereal liner market; from bag-in-box to catering size pack applications. Maintaining freshness and shelf life, liners deliver quality and protection benefits for breakfast cereals and dry mix foods. Our 5, 7 and 9-layer co-extrusion technology allows us to offer down-gauged, high barrier films tailored to suit specific cereal requirements.

The films have high mechanical strength and puncture resistance combined with excellent sealing properties and characteristics including easy-peel and sealing through contamination. An on-site laboratory delivers MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transition Rates), organoleptic and further analytical testing for optimal film selection. Film is supplied on a reel for efficient application on high-speed packing lines.

Standard Cereal Liners:

Bag-in-box cereal liners can be supplied in natural, white or white tint from 200mm widths upwards. MVTR can be modified to the cereal requirements and intended climates through material structure and thickness.

Catering Pack Film:

Films are supplied in natural, white (opaque) or blue tint and treated for print if required. Offering MVTR barrier properties, the catering pack film is formulated to deliver strength and maintain pack integrity throughout the supply chain.

Mineral Oil Barrier Film:

An exclusive 9-layer film developed by Coveris provides a barrier to MOSH/MOAH. Retaining peel-seal and moisture barrier characteristics, the film is suitable for use in both clear and tinted bag in box or catering packs.