Freshlife® Films

Freshness-enhancing solutions to reduce waste and extend shelf-life.

With an estimated 10 million tonnes of UK food and drink waste produced across the supply-chain each year, 60% of which is considered avoidable, more needs to be done to reduce this problem to protect our environment, our consumers, and our profits.

Coveris’ scientifically developed Freshlife® films offer a range of technically engineered solutions that work to manage respiration and transpiration/moisture to extend shelf-life, improve freshness and integrity and reduce waste.

Supplied as intelligent perforated technologies or integral active solutions, Freshlife® films are available as two ranges:

Freshlife® Perforation Technologies

  • MAP - Micro-perforated modified atmosphere packaging films to control in-pack gas atmosphere, enhancing freshness, quality, and prolonging lifecycle. Suitable for prepared fruit, vegetables and selected salad products.

  • MMP™– Macro-perforated modified moisture packaging works to regulate product transpiration levels using proprietary laser perforation technology to ensure a fresher, more hydrated appearance, reduced consumer and retailer waste and decreased yield loss. Suitable for fresh produce, cereal and bakery categories.

  • AP™ - Punch, needle and non-perforated atmosphere packaging solutions to enhance in-pack air and gas flows to prevent excess moisture, deliver a fresher on-shelf appearance and improved lifecycle. Suitable for high-moisture build produce and bakery goods. 

  • MMAP- Modified moisture atmosphere packaging films designed to simultaneously control atmosphere and in-pack moisture levels for high-moisture, high-respiration products. 

Active & Intelligent Solutions

Specially extruded and active films work to enhance freshness, appearance, functionality, and shelf-life. Offering a performance packaging solution, both inside and out, our Freshlife® film technologies combine speciality polymer extrusion and intelligent additives to deliver the enhanced functionality and freshness integral within the film’s custom blend.

Enhanced optics: Tailored film blends to suit in-store merchandising, light requirements, and storage environments to maximise optical clarity. Specially coated flexible films prevent in-pack misting for clarity in moist and refrigerated environments. 

Integral additives within the film blend intelligently work to filter oxygen or ethylene from the pack to improve product presentation, freshness, and shelf-life.