Liquid Packaging 

Delivering quality and performance, Coveris manufactures a wide range of films for the packaging of liquids. Developed specifically for the end application, films are used in conversion to various formats from bulk transit liners to small volume retail packs and as sealant layers in lamination.

With the latest sealing and film technologies, our liquid packaging formulations have excellent integrity, puncture resistance and sealing performance. Our mono and co-extruded polyethylene films support the transport, storage and sale of food and non-food liquids, and can incorporate barrier properties for content shelf-life extension.

Bulk Liquid Packaging:

Wide width, high strength films for large volume transit systems including palletainers and cube liners. These performance films offer maximum puncture strength and excellent seal integrity with bag seams, taps and fitments. 


Films suited for conversion to small volume packaging used in bag-in-box and point of sale delivery systems. With excellent mechanical and sealing performance, films can be used unsupported or for lamination, in standard and barrier formats. 

Seal Layers:

The Coveris laminate seal layer range is designed for high performance in containing and sealing liquids. Films create high pack integrity and enable efficient filling.

  • High mechanical and puncture performance

  • Standard and high barrier films for shelf life extension

  • Excellent seal integrity over a wide sealing window

  • High flex crack resistance

  • Pharmacopeia versions available on request