Coveris’ award-winning, re-closable packaging formats offer a unique consumer targeted solution;  improving portion control and accessibility, extending open-pack lifecycle and reducing avoidable waste through improved storage. Compatible with all Coveris lidding and form, fill seal formats, the barrier and non-barrier re-close systems incorporate a die-cut over label system for ease of opening and re-use. Suitable for all fresh and prepared produce categories and snacking, confectionary, bakery and convenience sectors, our solutions work to combine seamless functionality with visual appeal.

Features & Benefits

  • Added-value consumer packaging experience

  • Improved convenience, storage and reuse

  • Better portion control

  • Reduced consumer waste

  • Extends open-pack product life, slows food discolouration and maintains freshness for longer, helping to reduce food waste in the home

  • Barrier performance for improved safety and integrity

  • Tamper evident

  • Wide range of materials and adhesives for ease of peel

  • Unrivalled capacity and technical support

  • Multiple label applications to web allow for variable in-line processes i.e. label-to-label