Thermal Laminate Seal Layers

Performance sealing solutions for in-line lamination to thermoplastic sheet materials for thermoforming applications.

Using specialist multi-layer film technology, Coveris’ thermal laminates are scientifically formulated to produce a strong bond to the plastic contact layer, suitable for all PVC, polyester (PE) and polystyrene (PS) base webs and trays for direct food contact.

Combined with an extensive range of seal characteristics, our thermal barrier and non-barrier lidding films provide an integral, protective function with excellent clarity and gloss properties for improved visibility and quality perception.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-layer standardised seal system includes weld (lock up), peel and top skin seal

  • Weld layer provides a robust seal option for the most demanding packs

  • Integral peel function on the base web allows for the use of less complex lidding structures

  • Upper-seal skin base systems can be specially formulated to work in conjunction with vacuum skin top web, allowing for improved peel function and white tamper evident marking on the base liner

  • Robust seal strength ensures excellent pack integrity, reduced contamination and increased efficiency 

  • High-barrier EVOH options available for improved shelf-life and reduced spoilage

  • Excellent flex-crack resistance ensures barrier integrity during the thermoforming process

  • Higher-slip options available in any seal combination to aid de-nesting for deeper draw trays

  • Available in clear, white or standardised colour range